PickCoffee.jpgAgricultural production is one of the most important economic sectors in the Uganda and Africa at large. Approximately 75% of Africans rely on it for their livelihoods. History illustrates that agriculture, particularly the developed agribusiness and Agro-Industry sectors, has been the driver of economic growth in countries across the globe—for example, Brazil and China. We believe that modern agricultural methods can be applied so as to achieve the true potential of Uganda and Africa as the bread basket of the World.

In Uganda, Agri-Business and Agro-Industries account for a good percentage of National Income as well as the bulk of export revenues and employment, Uganda is one of the leading producers of Coffee and Bananas and also exports a significant volume of horticulture (fruits, vegetables and flowers) and processed fish.

At Asset Profiling we provide Our clients with services to promote Mechanization and Commercialization of Agriculture, acquisition of Agro-Inputs such as equipment, planting materials and We support them in full value-chain development.

Scaling up agribusiness could be the next growth frontier. It could offer immediate value addition through commodity-based industrialization that exploits forward and backward linkages with the rest of the economy. Such industrialization could lift many rural dwellers out of poverty while creating jobs across the economy.

We have established Key Business Relationships with Partners in the Agricultural sector such as ;

  • Kisoro District Potato Growers Cooperative Union.
  • Birunga Dairy.
  • Pink Foods Ltd.
  • Narka Dairy Investments.
  • Kigezi Seeds and Seedlings.
  • Pakasa Grain Millers.
  • Kigezi Cooperative Unions.
  • Pearl of Africa Tourist Resort.
  • Psalms Food Industries.