About us

We are a Business Development Financing Services Company based in Uganda. Our major goal is to aid viable businesses in the key sectors of Agriculture and Agro-Processing, Energy, Mining, Manufacturing and Tourism to become market leading and sustainable enterprises.We focus on Finance Sourcing, Corporate Management and Building Sustainable Management Capacity.

We create economic opportunities for Small and Medium businesses through provision of technical services like Financial and Business planning , Marketing and Training, credit management as well  sourcing  Finances and alternative modes of Financing in Liaison with reputable Financial Institutions.

We partner with entities like Financial Institutions, Commercial & Development Banks, Farmer Platforms, Insurance Companies, Fund Management Organisations, Wealth Creators, Audit Firms, Law firms, Agronomists among others to extend financial, advisory and professional services to Our esteemed Clients.

Our expert advisory team builds the Financial management skills of our clients to make them bankable. We aspire to be leading provider of business development services in the country with a key focus on building formal and sustainable businesses especially in the agricultural sector.


To use Our experience and expertise to Build sustainable and impactful Businesses.


To be a key Contributor to Formal and Sustainable Business Growth in Uganda.

We build Strategic Partnerships in sectors that are key to Economic Development, Employment and Transformation while also having massive latent qualities,abilities and potential that may be developed and lead to Business Success and Value Addition.

We have anchored Our Business in key Industries Like Agriculture and Energy which have shown immense potential to move from being Primary sectors (based on retrieval and production of raw materials) to Secondary Sectors (based on transformation of raw or intermediate materials into goods e.g Agro-Processing) through Value Addition.

Because each business is unique, we offer tailor made Technical assistance basing on the unique needs of each Client to help them grow. Through Credit sourcing, We aid and advise them in identifying and negotiating the best available credit facilities for their business. We work with Farmers, Communities and Agro-Processors alike to commercialize and grow their Businesses by adding value and using modern Agricultural and Management practices.