About Us


Asset Profiling & Management is a Business Development and Management services company based in Uganda. Our main objective is to aid viable businesses in the key sectors of Agriculture and Agro processing, Energy and Tourism to become market leading and sustainable enterprises. We create economic opportunities for Small and Medium businesses through provision of technical services like Financial and Business planning, Marketing and Training, credit management as well  sourcing  Finances and alternative Financing Solutions in Liaison with reputable partners.


Our focus is mainly on identifying informal and locally owned projects with the potential to be transformed into sustainable businesses which will create jobs and improve the livelihoods of the local communities. These are normally based in the rural areas across the country. We have developed a model of operation that undertakes a proactive approach  to Business Development by aligning Governance,  Access to Finance and Financial controls to create value for our clients.


To use our experience and expertise to build sustainable and impactful businesses.


To be a key contributor to formalized and sustainable business growth in Uganda. We aspire to be leading provider of Business Development Services in the country with a key focus on building a formal and sustainable Agri businesses sector.