About Us

We are a Business Development Services Company based in Uganda. Our main objective is to aid viable businesses in the key sectors of Agriculture and Agro processing, Energy and Tourism to become market leading and sustainable enterprises.

We create economic opportunities for Small and Medium businesses through provision of technical services like Financial and Business planning , Marketing and Training, credit management as well  sourcing  Finances and alternative modes of Financing in Liaison with reputable Financial Institutions. Our expert advisory team builds the Financial management skills of our clients to make them bankable.

We aspire to be leading provider of business development services in the country with a key focus on building formal and sustainable businesses especially in the agricultural sector.

Our Objectives.

  1. To create a commercial and sustainable Agri business sector.
  2. To support local small scale investors  scale up their agri business ventures.
  3. Improve market access both local and international

We have developed a model of operation that undertakes a proactive approach  to Business Development by aligning Governance,  Access to Finance and Financial controls to create value for our clients. Our business process is Described below.

  1. Identification & Profiling : We have a trained team  that identify and profile different groups of farmers and prospective business owners from different parts of the country in need of business development services.
  2. Needs Assessment & GAP Analysis : We use a systematic process for determining current needs and desired performance. We work together with our clients to assess their current financial and managerial practices and proceed to develop a customized action plan for filling the gaps identified.
  3. Business Development Services : The data obtained from our gap analysis informs the course of BDS we offer including; Formalisation of groups through registering cooperatives and unions, Strategy development and alignment, Business plan and project proposal development, Business Advisory Services, Compliance and Tax Advisory services. Building Financial Management structures and training.  Our comprehensive Financial advisory services are designed to help our clients improve their accounting processes, financial policies, and related business practices. Establishing Corporate Governance structures  and opening up Marketing linkages.
  4. Financing : With a broad panel of lenders and our linkages with various Civil Society Organisations public sector and private sector , we source the best facilities for  our clients including loans and grants where applicable.
  5. Performance Monitoring : We continuously Manage performance and any credit taken out by our clients by tracking activities through established KPIs. Our experienced Credit Management Team ensures all resources obtained are used for their intended purpose hence greatly eliminating incidences of default .