International Trade

We work with our partners and clients to facilitate exchange of goods, capital and services between Uganda and the world. Uganda’s top exports are agricultural products such as coffee, sugar and vegetables, these are followed by minerals led by gold and other precious gems. Uganda has highly positive net exports in the international trade of coffee, tea and spices. In turn, these cash-flows indicate Uganda’s strong competitive advantages in agriculture. Uganda’s top ten exports are;

  1. Coffee, tea, spices: US$651.5 million (22.5% of total exports)
  2. Gems, precious metals: $418.5 million (14.4%)
  3. Mineral fuels including oil: $186.9 million (6.4%)
  4. Cereals: $183.1 million (6.3%)
  5. Fish: $136.2 million (4.7%)
  6. Vegetables: $110.4 million (3.8%)
  7. Sugar, sugar confectionery: $91.7 million (3.2%)
  8. Dairy, eggs, honey: $79.9 million (2.8%)
  9. Food industry waste, animal fodder: $79.7 million (2.7%)
  10. Animal/vegetable fats, oils, waxes: $70.2 million (2.4%)

We support our clients in international trade through provision of various services to ensure that their products find adequate market and meet international regulations and standards.