Credit Management

We run a specialist Credit Management Unit which provides debt management services to financial institutions and commercial entities worldwide. Our Debt Management (DM) teams are comprised of highly skilled collectors and trainers of collectors with a combined experience of over 16 years in the debt management space having handled portfolios of all major Financial Institutions and commercial entities worldwide.

Our Debt Management Solutions.

1. Corporate Debt Collection (B2B).

This services allow our clients to continue focusing on day-to-day operations and keep them from having to constantly pursue payment for unpaid Business to Business debts

2. Consumer Debt Collection(B2C).

Whether you require low or high volume account collections, we will deliver. We understand that each and every account has an impact on your bottom line and therefore work to  improve your cash flow by recovering what is rightfully owed to you.

3. International Recoveries.

From Russia to South Africa and Asia to the Americas, no debt is beyond our reach. We are part of a global debt collection network which gives us leverage to collect in any corner of the globe.

4. Debt purchasing

We purchase  charged-off accounts immediately impacts your bottom line by releasing cash from these non-performing accounts. A debt sale is a step in the collection process when other avenues have been exhausted. Liquidating non-paying accounts has the following benefits to Your Business:

      • Improves your bottom line
      • Reduces administration costs
      • Limits potential liability.

5. Skip Tracing.

 Asset profiling Credit Management department offers a tracing service for debtors that have moved from their last known address. We have contacts in all key tracing agencies and have access to an in-house private investigator which gives a 70% success rate in finding debtors that couldn’t be traced. We have managed to trace debtors who have relocated to other Parts of the world and subsequently get them to repay their debts.

6. Credit checks.

You can significantly minimize your business risk when dealing with new or potential clients with our Credit check product. The Credit check report will provide you with among others:

      • Name verification
      • ID verification
      • An Adverse Information Report (ARI) showing any Judgements, Admin Orders, Sequestrations and Defaults registered against the subjects credit profile.

7. Legal action.

It may sometimes be necessary to proceed with legal action in order to recover your debts. Our partnership with a highly respected law firm ensures a smooth transition between the soft collection process and legal action.