Key Sectors

Agriculture and Agro-Processing

East Africa enjoys a very good climate which makes it a potential bread basket of the whole of Africa. Value addition is hard to come by as very few investors have ventured into Agro Processing. This means that a lot of Agricultural products grown in East Africa do not reach the bigger markets and are consumed in a subsistence way.

A very big opportunity abounds in Agriculture and Agro Processing. Plants to preserve and process fruits such as Mangoes, Bananas, Passion Fruit, and Pineapples etc. into juice for consumption would improve on the quality of East African Agricultural products, leading to better prices and Foreign Exchange inflows while providing employment.

Agricultural opportunities in the region include horticulture, Dairy Products, preserved Fish and Beef products, Horticultural products etc. the opportunities are in the inputs for agriculture such as tools & implements, herbicides, veterinary medicine, fertilizers.

Tourism and Hospitality

Africa as a whole, but most specifically East Africa is blessed with abundance in the gifts of nature. A lot of rare plant and animal species call it their home and this is a potential for investment especially in the Tourism Sector.

Uganda has been ranked by both National Geographic and Lonely Planet as one of the best Countries to visit, this is evident and the keen eye will in no time see that it is truly gifted by nature. There are immense opportunities in the Country’s diverse

Tourism is still a growing sector, albeit with a lot of opportunities which are abound such as traditional or Cultural heritage sites, natural resources like rivers, forests. Investment in the Tourism sector will yield very good returns.

Minerals, Oil & Energy

The Greater East African Region has seen increasing demand for Energy as they strive to enter the prestigious Economic bracket known as “Middle Income”. The region is blessed with abundant natural sources of energy such as the River Nile which has been harnessed by Uganda and Ethiopia for Hydro Electricity Generation.

In a few Years, Uganda and Kenya are set for Commercial Oil exploration while Southward in Tanzania and Mozambique huge deposits of natural gas abound. With Easter straddling the Equator, the sun shines almost throughout the year hence a good opportunity for Solar Energy.

Indeed Energy being one of the best growing sectors, it presents a lot of opportunities for an investor both in the Energy sector as well as other sectors who will benefit from Cheaper, Cleaner fuel.

Engineering, Roads and Infrastructure

Africa is experiencing a huge inflow of funding from its development partners, especially from Asian Economies, for construction of infrastructure such as roads, highways, railways, airports and the like. This presents a very good opportunity for investment into the infrastructure industry as well as the sub industries that flourish in areas around construction.

In Uganda, a new bridge has been launched on the River Nile in Jinja constructed with the Help of Japan. There is also the World Bank initiative to improve on select Municipalities across the Country, these and other major projects present opportunities for both foreign and local investors. Construction firms can position themselves for contracts, Civil Engineers for Technical Consulting, as well as dealers in spares and parts or in entire Construction Machinery.