We provide consultancy services such as structuring, negotiating and executing transactions with a broad network of local and international investors. We guide our clients on the different financing options available to them through our partnerships with financial institutions, commercial & development banks, fund management organizations among others.

Because each business is unique, we offer tailor made technical assistance based on the unique needs they have. Through credit sourcing and capital financing we aid and advise them in identifying and negotiating the best credit facilities for their business.

Capital Financing & Projects

We merge the interests of Investors and Investment with Capital Funding and Financing for Project execution (mainly infrastructure) within various sectors via Debt Capital Turnkey on EPC + F (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, & Funding) basis. Through Credit Management and Sourcing Financing, we are able to harness Required Resources to carry out Projects of any size.

Capacity building And Development

We create economic opportunities for Small and Medium businesses through provision of Technical Services like Training & Development, Financial and Business planning, marketing and Training, Credit Management as well sourcing Finances and alternative modes of Financing in Liaison with reputable Financial Institutions. Through this we are able to ensure Financial Literacy and this leads to improvement on Business Success such as on debt servicing.

Business Planning

We believe that setting up a viable and feasible Business is a process and not an event. Business Planning involves identifying the need, opportunity or problem and analyzing the entrepreneur’s available options in order to select one which will maximize profits and increase on market share. Good Business plans not only help an organization to secure funding but also act as guides and as a benchmark for performance of the organization. We analyze Business needs and help tailor Business plans to fit Capital availability.

Consulting & Advisory

We are able to offer Businesses and Investors Consultation on feasible projects as well as Market Research and consultation on key Business areas such as Marketing, Project Management, and Procurement among others.

Market Analysis & Feasibility Studies

We undertake comprehensive market and situational analysis and research using data driven qualitative and quantitative tools. These studies help us to gauge the viability, and commercial feasibility of projects. Our team of Actuarial experts, valuers and surveyors enable us to assess the credit worthiness and investment readiness of projects to ensure a hand-in-glove fit between investor and opportunity.